Powerfleet, Inc. announced that its operating subsidiary, Pointer Telocation Ltd. (Pointer), has deployed hundreds of IoT-enabled defibrillators in Israel with the Magen David Adom Ambulance Company. Defibrillators have been installed across the country in telephone booths, lottery stalls and supermarkets as part of a $2 million deployment program.

As part of the agreement, Pointer engineered a smart device to install in select locations across Israel. Each device is equipped with a Pointer transmitter, which provides the defibrillators’ location, temperature and battery health to MDA response centers. When the flashing LED button is triggered, the MDA response center remotely unlocks the case which allows users to access the device even in the dark.

Any person, even without medical training, can call MDA’s 24-hour call center to receive immediate guidance and directions to the nearest defibrillator. Each case has a unique serial number and can be identified via the remote-activated LED lighting system.

The defibrillator is programmed to provide in-depth instructions for use. The device uses two electrodes to provide a shock to assist patients experiencing ventricular fibrillation or irregular heart activity. It is intended to give paramedics additional time to arrive at the site and provide more sophisticated medical support. A number of lives have been saved by providing ambulatory teams the additional time to transport patients to properly equipped hospitals.

When the ambulance arrives, the paramedic uses an ECG device to examine the patient. The heart test results are transmitted via cellular communication directly to the MDA center as well as to the doctor waiting at the hospital, which allows the medical staff time to prepare for the required procedure and save valuable time.

The solution also incorporates a front-facing camera that records the incident for viewing by the hospital staff via MDA’s Call Center. This provides hospital staff with a better understanding of the patient’s unique circumstances and allows them to allocate resources as necessary to treat patients.

Ilan Goldstein, CEO of Pointer, notes that MDA and Pointer are evaluating the possibility of expanding the partnership abroad and offering the model in other countries. MDA manages a fleet of ambulances and other emergency vehicles to provide advanced medical assistance.

“MDA and Pointer have collaboratively developed an advanced mobile medical device architecture that employs IoT capabilities to provide top-notch control and monitoring to support real-time response to emergency situations. We are encouraged by our partnership and look forward to expanding the use of our unique IoT solutions in Israel and globally,” commented Goldstein.

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