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Being responsible for ensuring the safety and security of your people and vehicles as well as the utilization and longevity of your resources is a tough job. Oftentimes, Fleet Managers are challenged by not knowing where their vehicles are, whether they’re onsite, the health status of their vehicles, and if they have enough to complete the work for the day. On top of that, they need to actively monitor driver behavior to reduce misuse of their vehicles, improve fuel usage, increase driver retention, and decrease liability. The consequences of not being equipped to handle this operation are lower margins, lower customer satisfaction, and higher liability.

With Powerfleet’s SaaS-based fleet management solutions, which includes best in class vehicle telematics and video, you can gain visibility into your orders, fleets, and assets to better manage utilization and maintenance, driver behavior, fuel management, and high-risk incidents - all in a single pane of glass. Our solutions are capable of ingesting, processing, and enriching livestream data from any of your IoT devices and business systems to provide multi-dimensional KPIs, manage driver safety, and customer satisfaction while reducing costs.

Industry Challenges

Managing a Mixed Fleet with Diverse Systems 

Balancing diverse OEMs, with differing devices and systems, poses challenges without standardized features. This calls for extra solutions, managing multiple relationships, and staying current with evolving tech, all within tight time constraints. 

Manual Data Gathering  

Manual data handling and diverse systems lead to time-consuming collection and processing. Navigating varied interfaces affects quick access to real-time insights and prompt data-driven decisions.

Risk and Cost Management 

Navigating inflation, growing operational expenses, and addressing accident risks and higher insurance premiums poses challenges. Limited data-driven insights into driver behavior and safety performance hinder identifying areas for enhancement and risk reduction. 


Safety & Security

  • Real-time alerts safeguard vehicle inventory and aid in theft recovery, ensuring prompt returns and efficient management. 
  • Value-add offerings like accident reporting, driver behavior monitoring, and commercial vehicle scorecards not only improve customer experience but also drive revenue growth. 

Advanced Fuel Management

  • Fuel monitoring eliminates errors and efficiently handles fuel consumption, resulting in cost savings and optimized short-term rentals.

Maintenance and Performance

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Regulatory Management and Compliance

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Visibility and Resource Management

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Benefits of Car Rental

Reduce Cost and Liability

Use Unity’s livestream data to enhance driver coaching and performance to reduce accidents on the road and in the warehouse.

Increase Asset and Vehicle Longevity

Reduce downtime and manage your maintenance operations based on real-world usage and history to ensure you don’t overspend or underspend against budget and extend the life of your resources.

Protect Brand Reputation

Avoid nuclear verdicts, false claims, lawsuits, and compromised brand perception with Powerfleet Unity.

Increase Driver Retention

Use third-party data to help identify danger spots for your drivers and proactively work around them to further reduce risk.


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